All Frequently asked questions below represent what we have been asked, if you have any other question that you don’t see below, please send us an email.

1. What is GreenDrafters.com?

GreenDrafters.com is a group of Architectural professionals that have a passion for what they do and have the experience to help you on your home improvement project or commercial expansion.

2. Does GreenDrafters.com work only on LEED projects?

No. GreenDrafters.com can handle any projects whether you are looking for a LEED Certification or not. Because we have the knowledge of “Green Building” we can also help you design your home to take advantage of other factors that otherwise wouldn’t be attributed to your design.

3. Is GreenDrafters.com local to my area?

GreenDrafters.com is located in Los Angeles County, State of California and serves all of southern California. GreenDrafters.com can work with you on specifics should you desire to hire GreenDrafters.com and you are outside of the area.

4. How can I get started with GreenDrafters.com?

If you have a project ready to put on paper, or not, send your details to info@GreenDrafters.com, and questions, comments, concerns. Once your information is reviewed and any questions answered, (it may take from 24 to 48 hours from original inquiry) you will receive GreenDrafters.com quote. Once you approve GreenDrafters.com quote and sign the contract, your job will start immediately and be completed as per contract terms and agreement.

5. What if I have large files that I cannot email?

Once you are included on GreenDrafters.com contact list, you will receive login credentials to GreenDrafters.com private online document repository. From there you can upload, download and print, along with uploading many file types such as; .pdf, .jpg, .dwg, .dxf, .cas, and others.

6. Does GreenDrafters.com provide any Design or Engineering documents and Drawings in digital format?

Yes. GreenDrafters.com can provide you with all finished drawings in its respective software format or can be converted to what you decide when you inquire about your project.

7. I have a pencil sketch for my project, how can GreenDrafters.com help me?

If you have an idea of what you are looking for and have taken the time to sketch it out on some paper, you can scan what you sketched, email it along with your inquiry. GreenDrafters.com will convert your sketch into working drawings that you can take to your local building and safety for permit processing.

8. Can GreenDrafters.com offer design services?

Yes. GreenDrafters.com will work together with you to find the best possible solution for your project. GreenDrafters.com has relationships with architects and engineers that will review your project as required.

9. What if I bought architectural files from the internet, how can GreenDrafters.com help me?

If you have bought any plans from the internet and wish to modify them, or wish to add more square footage, or your local building and safety required additional drawings we can help you. On the other hand, if you are looking for additional help to get your project started, and then feel free to inquire about your specific needs.

10. Does GreenDrafters.com deliver printed drawings to my home or office?

That will be dependent on your initial inquiry and final contract with GreenDrafters.com as deliverables. GreenDrafters.com can send hard copies for approval and also send the two sets of final drawings by FEDEX, DHL, or UPS as requested (additional charges may apply if not on contract deliverables).

GreenDrafters.com generally transfers drawing files through its private online document repository in .dwg, .pdf, or .tif format or as requested by you.

GreenDrafters.com can also send a print request to your local print shop as requested. Also a CD with all your project files can be provide as requested (additional charges may apply if not on contract deliverables).

11. What if my project requires visiting my location?

GreenDrafters.com can travel to site without cost after a proposed cost is approved.

12. What about pricing?

Pricing is based on your project needs and specific requirements and codes. Once you inquiry and include every information related your project, GreenDrafters.com will be able to give you an actual cost.

13. What forms of payment do you accept?

GreenDrafters.com accepts Cash, Check, Money Order/Cashier’s Check, PayPal or Postal Money orders. For PayPal payments please include an additional 10% for transaction fees. All returned checks are subject to a $35 service fee.

14. When do I pay?

GreenDrafters.com requires an initial deposit on all jobs once proposal is accepted. This helps in the initial discovery and the gathering of all information required for your project.

Final invoice is sent between 1 to 2 business days after your project is completed and should e paid within the given deadline. Overdue payments are subject to 11% increase per month. GreenDrafters.com reserves the right to withhold or terminate any work with delinquent accounts.

15. Once I hire GreenDrafters.com, how do you maintain communication?

GreenDrafters.com is not afraid of technology, we can communicate using Skype, email, and in the alternative, we can resort to the outdated system called the cell phone.

16. What is your turnaround time?

GreenDrafters.com bases turnaround times on the scale and complexity of each project. All deadlines can be negotiated and established if necessary.

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