Wayfinding and Signage Designer

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Wayfinding and Signage Designer

Wayfinding and Signage Designer

GreenDrafters Studio is working with retail concepts that are striving to enhance its visitor’s experience and achieve greater returns.

The content integration and strategy to design and plan a branded digital signage is key to achieve greatest success. With today’s diversification and constant media projections, there is a need to strategies in this field.

Our team integrates content, strategy and research into comprehensive creative experiences for our clients in the corporate, sports, hospitality, educational, retail, transportation, entertainment and healthcare sectors.

Way finding is just a piece of the puzzle that has to be integrated along with the rest to generate brand communication.

Our services include brand strategy and positioning, identity and communications design, design of branded environments, and design of environmental graphics and way finding programs.

GreenDrafters offers the solution from start to finish. The need to generate an as-built plan and generate the necessary 3D renderings, from here the process begins to take shape as we then start the programming and testing. Branding communication takes place from start to finish.

Our expertise working in the Architectural/Design/As-Built fields allow us to execute.

Our conceptual thinking blends the user-understanding and brand communication to allow us to create a successful model. Wayfinding takes into account planning capabilities, including research, user-analysis, planning, development and documentation of design solutions.With our experience or generating renderings and sign packages through all phases of a project by taking advantage of 3D modeling software whihs is a must, we utilize SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit, 3DSMax and other software.