Got As-Builts?

Do you need As-Built’s for your remodel? Commercial or Residential, we can get you the as-built drawings you need. Our roster of clients areas diverse as the as-built requirements we have experience on.

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Lutron Radio RA2

Lutron Radio RA2, this energy-saving system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light as well as temperature in a single room or throughout your whole home.

RTI Certified programming

Home Automation will reduce your energy consumption and help your pockets!
Give us a call to help you design, install and program your next project.

The goal is to minimize our carbon footprint.

One of the ways we can give back to mother earth is to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

Do you need construction drawings for your submittals?

We can help you generate any additional drawings required before you submit for permitting.

Are you curious to know what your carbon footprint might be?

Looking at your carbon footprint might help you make a more greener decision for the better of this planet.

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Welcome to Green Drafters

We are one of a few AutoCAD Drafting and Design companies servicing Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County that focus on 100% renewable practices to enable us to reduce our carbon footprint by improving design criteria to achieve green design standards. We work throughout the state of California and depending on the type of project you have, we can work for projects outside California.

With the help of standards created by the Green Building Council we are now able to measure and reduce our carbon footprint more precisely. Whether your project has any LEED certification goals or not, we are here to help you get close to achieving your energy efficient home through construction practices, home appliances or building products.

We can schedule an appointment at your location to discuss your project needs while you get to know us and see what we have to offer. We are happy to share our ideas and useful information with you, so we can help you move forward.

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Find out if your home is a good candidate to convert to a Green Home

GreenDrafters.com offers the service for those who are interested in turning their home into a Green Home.